April 11, 2002

Sami Labs forays into nutraceutics

After several years of concentration in 100% exports, the Bangalore based Sami Labs Limited, in association with American Formularly Inc.,NewJersey, USA, is poised to launch its nutraceutical specialties in Indian market. The company is making its entry into Indain formulation business this month with the launch of eight products under the license from American Formulary Inc., USA. The change in focus of marketing strategies intends to strengthen the company's presence in the domestic market by introducing branded products, in addition to the export of raw materials and intermediaries to the international market.

"The national roll of nutraceutical formulations under the branded range of Care products will begin with Karnataka. Later we will move on to Tamilnadu noted for its huge nutraceutical market followed by Andhra Pradesh in the next three months and North India," informed Dr Muhammed Majeed, Managing Director.

The domestic nutraceutical formulations business of Sami Labs in India is expected to touch Rs 5-7 crores in the first year and plans to touch Rs 35-40 crores in the next three years. The product promotion will be done through ethical round. The range of care products include AntoxCare to reduce oxidative stress by inhibiting the formation and action of free radicals.

For patients with poor cardiac health including CHD, CHF and post Myocardial Infraction, Co.Q.Care is an ubiquitous bioenergiser and antioxidant and an indispensable adjuvant to statin therapy. InsuliCare helps in Normalizing blood glucose levels, arrests free radical induced cell damage and improves energy levels. OcuCare helps in preventing and declerating the progress of age related degenerative diseases like cataract and age related macular degeneration (AMD).

Management of prostate disease especially Benign Prostatic Hypertropy (BPH) in aging males has initiated ProstaCare. A unique approach for sustained relief is brought in through ArthiCare SR to restore joint health and revive joint moblity. ArthiCare SR regenerates the cartilage, reduces inflammation, and helps increase synovial fluid. OspoCare can effectively treat menopausal Symptoms. OspoCare significantly improves mid-life comfort and brings back a state of healthy and well being.

For the effective treatment of liver dysfunction induced by hepatotoxins including drugs, chemicals, pollutants, alcohol and microbes, HepatoCare by Sami Labs is an effective therapy. Hepatocare protects and normalizes liver function. "We are looking at joint ventures with different countries," Dr. Muhammed Majeed added.With the current R&D spending figuring at Rs.11 crores, the company plans to increase it by 20-25 per cent in future. Recognised by three national awards, Sami Labs has registered 20 per cent growth rate by posting a turover of Rs 200crores last year.

EPP News Berau,