April 11, 2002

Nutraceuticals : Revolutionzing HealthCare

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. To manage lifestyle disorders, appropriate use of nutritional supplements is essential in addition to specific medications. Nutraceuticals are better recognized as food ingredient, which have health benefits. The market for nutraceuticals is rapidly growing worldwide and it is this global scope that makes the market more attractive. It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of the $503 billion US food market may be attributed to nutraceuticals use if taken at its broadest definition ( dietry supplements, sugar substitutes, fat substitutes, fiber-enriched foods, vegetables, fat less meat, skim milk, low calorie diets, etc).

Demand from the larger European population would bring that figure up to $500 billion. Nutraceuticalmarket is emerging in several European and Asian countries as well. In India too,there is a huge potential.

The Bangalore based Sami Labs, a leading exporter of standardized herbal extraxts, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, cosmeceuticals, phytonutrients & probiotics, believes taht this is the focus of most of their intensive research activities.

Sami Labs Limited with its associates Sabinsa Corporation.,USA & American Formulary Inc., USA offers a significant portfolio of nutritional products. The company has aimed to provide supportive and adjunct therapy for chronic ailments like coronary heart disease, diabetes, AMD & cataract, osteoporosis, arthitis, prostate disease like BPH, and cancer. A rapidly growing 100 per cent export oriented company, Sami Labs runs a major research centre in Bangalore with over 100 qualified scientists.

"The company is dedicated to providing preventive care for chronic ailments with the aid of medical science at its best. Sami Labs evolved a new generation of nutraceuticals through its comprehensive approach to disease management, combining nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients to accomplish alternative therapies to combat chronic diseases,"says Dr. Muhammed Majeed, managing director.

Sami Labs Limited and Sabinsa Corp. USA have conducted clinical studies on the use of Piperine to increase the bioavailability of nutritional products which has culminated in the procurement of several world wide patents. Stringent adherence to quality have won three national awards for its research and perfomance. It has obtained an Investigational New Drug Application for gugulipid extract in cholesterol reduction in the US.

Sami Labs assures preventive care withg a range of original and with a range of original and unique nutraceuticals products that help people lead healthier lives. A recipient of seven US patents and 15 others in the pipeline, the company is focused on nutraceuticals and biotechnology.

EPP News Berau,