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July 25, 2003

Sami Labs plans new product launches

Kochi, July 24: The Bangalore based herbal extracts company, Sami Labs that entered the domestic market last year after focusing on exports for a decade, is planning to launch more products in India.

After launching the first organic selenium supplement SelenoCare recently, the company is planning to introduce a probiotic (for the health of the intestines), hypocholesterolemic (for lowering cholesterol) antioxidants in the market. It is targeting a sales turnover of Rs.10 crore in this category by the end of the year.

Besides herbal extracts, the company also produces and exports fine chemicals, nutraceutical and cosmecuticals. When it entered the Indian market, the company had launched an array of preventive and therapeutic products in the nutraceuticals category in association with American Formulary Inc of the US. Currently, the company has eight nutraceuticals for tackling several disease conditions like prostate cancer, age related macular degeneration, arthritis, osteoporosis, hepatic dysfunction and cardiac diseases.

The company director Faazal Siyo said the Indian nutraceutical market is worth Rs.150-200 crore. The company has added 15 new patents to its existing line of eight patents.