SamiDirect launches their first Protein Shake - LeanGard

Bangalore, India, March 5th, 2012 - SamiDirect, a leading nutracueticals Company launched LeanGard, a protein drink mix. The product was inaugurated by Founder of SamiDirect & World renowned Pharmacist, innovator and Scientist - Dr Muhammed Majeed, Rajesh Kumar - CEO, SamiDirect and acclaimed South Indian actress Aindrita Ray.

LeanGard is a meal replacement product containing Soy and whey protein that decreases body fat mass and helps greater preservation of lean body mass. The product is packed with essential daily required vitamins & minerals along with natural herbs, antioxidants and dietary fibre. LeanGard provides an ideal balance of protein and nutrition without overloading unnecessary fat and calories. One serving of LeanGard protein drink mix added in 200 ml skimmed milk provides140 KCal and less than 1 g of fat. LeanGard protein drink mix taken once or twice a day along with a sensible diet and exercise. The Product comes in 2 exciting flavours like Mango and Vanilla. Specifically produced to cater to the Indian consumers, this product is available across the country and can be purchased through SamiDirect’s independent distributors.

The USP of the product is the proprietary -“right Protien”. The product contains unique Digestive Intolerance (DI) blend. DI addresses the protein and absorption challenges in the human body.

Commenting on the launch of the latest product of SamiDirect, Rajesh Kumar, CEO said “We envisage being the leading nuetracuetical company in the preventive healthcare segment by providing researched and value-added wellness products. LeanGard is only a stepping stone; with our continued thrust and efforts in R&D and clinical research, we are determined to introduce series of nuetracuetical products that is much needed in the market. The products will be delivered in various forms including ready-to- drink beverages. We are also working on introducing exipient- free nuetracuetical products into the market”.