SamiDirect launches their first Protein Shake - LeanGard

On the hot summer day several people had gathered inside the hotel Canopy with all the eagerness and they whole heartedly with utmost gratitude they welcomed their beloved Doctor.

It was the inauguration ceremony of “Protein Shake - Lean Guard” the first product of Sami Direct. The inauguration was totally unique in nature. As Scientist Dr.Muhammed Majeed and actress Aindritha Ray touched the screen, two big boxes from the background containing the Protein Shake mango and vanilla flavors came in front slowly. The people gathered there were watching it with their eyes wide spread.

It was really an excellent movement to see that people gathered there stood up as the National Anthem began.

In order to overcome the deficiency of proteins and to avoid all probable diseases related to protein deficiency and to enhance the health of people, this nutraceutical company has launched a Protein Drink combined with Leanguard. In this busy competitive world of today, people don’t even have time to have proper healthy food. Due to protein deficiency people suffer from disorders in their blood pressure and diabetes. Hence, this protein shake acts as supplement to the healthy food. The consumers need not worry or fear about loosing their beauty or gaining excess weight as this product will remove excess cholesterol from the body and provides essential vitamins as said by Mr.Rajesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Sami Direct.