May 21, 2013

Sami Labs to focus on Indian market


Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Founder and Group Chairman, Sabinsa/Sami Group.

Group has its major revenue coming from its US-arm, Sabinsa Corporation

After noting 29 per cent rise in its 2012-13 turnover, nutraceuticals industry major Sami Labs Ltd has launched a holistic plan to further strengthen its foothold in India suggested top executives of the Bangalore-based company. Currently, India business of the Sami Group contributes around 10 per cent of its global turnover. “We now intend to focus on indigenous market and targets 25 per cent growth,” said Dr Muhammed Majeed in an exclusive interview with Modern Medicare earlier this month. On the same line, Sami Labs is planning to sharpen and broaden its penetration in India by opening another regional office in Delhi. “We have a office in Mumbai, and sense the need for another such set-up in NCR region,” he added. “Of late, complimentary medicine is open and proactively inclined towards nutritional and wellness products.

The average Indian consumer wants to look fit, feel good and reduce the risks of lifestyle and hereditary disorders,” said V G Nair, CEO, Sami Labs. While company plans to continue with its B2B model, the company has moved up the value chain by launching Sami Direct. The 2011-founded company directly connects its offerings to the fitness-savvy consumer base of India, marked a growth of more than 600 per cent in 2012-13,” revealed Rajesh Kumar, CEO, Sami Direct. “Our current market share in India is 2 per cent. We plan to raise it to 10 per cent in the near future,” he added. Group has its major revenue coming from its US-arm, Sabinsa Corporation.