July 25, 2003

Sami Labs' positions 'SelenoCare' to check AIDS and cancer progression

Sami Labs' Nutraceutical Formulation Division has launched 'SelenoCare' a health supplement which contains Selenium, a trace mineral that is easily absorbed and vital for general well being. The new product which is being promoted via the ethical route is positioned as a prevention and supportive therapy against environmental carcinogens, cancer prevention, progression of HIV into full-blown AIDS cases, boosting immune system, enhancing fertility, controlling mood swings and depression apart from controlling age related diseases like Alzheimer's, heart, cataract, and arthritis.

"International researches have established that SelenoCare retards cancer and inhibits breast and colon cancer. In HIV patients, SelenoCare helps arrest the progression into AIDS by boosting the immune system, reducing respiratory infections by clearing Mycobacteria and preventing vaginal shedding. A study by the Division of Disease Prevention, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, Florida, also shows that Selenium supplement has helped in the reduction of hospitalisation and subsequently, the cost, for HIV-1 infected patients, Neeraja Shetty, CEO, Nutraceutical Formulations Division, Sami Labs Limited said.

This is for the first time in India that selenium in its organic form is used in a formulation as a single compound (100mcg). Clinical research has proved that inorganic selenium used in vitamins and antioxidant supplements, is not bio-available unlike organic selenium which is a component of several antioxidant proteins. We are the second largest producer of selenium in the world after a European company, informed Shetty.

The company has projected sales earning of over Rs. 2 crore within a year going by its efficacy and therapeutic value of the product which is priced at Rs. 87 for 30 capsules.

The largest study of the compound was conducted by the National Cancer Institute, USA where Sabinsa Corporation, a subsidiary of the Sami Group of Companies supplied Selenium to 32,400 prostrate cancer patients inducted for the clinical research programme. The 12-year clinical trial has completed 4-years of study and there are positive indications of its efficacy to control age related disorders as out of 32,400 patients, 10,000 patients are singled out to be tested specifically for Alzheimer's Disease.

Selenium deficiency could be attributed to low Selenium level in soil or low Selenium absorption in crops that are cultivated in acidic and poorly aerated land. In fact, recent reports attribute low Selenium content in soil for the widespread outbreak of SARS in China and Singapore.

The Nutraceutical Formulation Division has been floated in partnership with American Formulary Inc, USA. Since April 2002, Indian market has seen a portfolio of products from the division which aims at providing therapeutic, prevention and adjunctive support towards cardiac ailments, diabetes, BPH, hepatic dysfunction and post menopausal symptoms.

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